Milwaukee Bucks Locker Room Celebration | 2021 NBA Champions

Milwaukee Bucks vs Phoenix Suns - Full Game 6 Highlights | July 20, 2021 | 2021 NBA Finals






  • 1:04

    Klint Isle FuentesKlint Isle FuentesHace 10 horas
  • This looks like 2k

    IQ UniqueIQ UniqueHace 4 d铆as
  • Giannis is weak KD and curry don鈥檛 get Mickey Mouse rings馃ぁ馃惙

    BcubedBcubedHace 4 d铆as
  • they where lucky bcoz ol of there opponets is injured. .

    arhiz bartolomearhiz bartolomeHace 4 d铆as
  • You Stoped You Lose Me

    Jun DemdamJun DemdamHace 4 d铆as
  • giannis need a lighter

    ariel panggabeanariel panggabeanHace 4 d铆as
  • "where's my mom?" man, giannis really loves his family

    CassieCassieHace 4 d铆as
  • 17/19 Greek freak is the free throw freak馃槀

    GD drapon59GD drapon59Hace 5 d铆as
  • @0:44 Female sports analyst: 鈥淧ut a camera on Giannis for 48 hours, I鈥檇 watch every bit of it鈥 awkward silence

    bofooit gojobofooit gojoHace 5 d铆as
  • Fun fact: giannis went from scrawny kid to a finals mvp.

    JoannaJoannaHace 6 d铆as
  • The equal lynx inadvertently joke because desert presumably hurry amidst a hard-to-find number. somber, tiresome washer

    McGlothlin McGlothlinMcGlothlin McGlothlinHace 6 d铆as
    • From now on he's my favorite after Michael Jordan

      CassieCassieHace 4 d铆as
  • Jrue may not hit all his shots, but damn his defense was unbelievable!!

    Cort Stell Los Angeles Caps and Redskins fanCort Stell Los Angeles Caps and Redskins fanHace 6 d铆as
    • I was wondering why he had those goggles when he was walking around! Lol! Good planning!

      bofooit gojobofooit gojoHace 5 d铆as
  • This team deserves it. They performed nearly perfectly. They came back after a 2 game deficit and won 4 straight. This ring is well deserved. Congrats Giannis

    G2kJexG2kJexHace 7 d铆as
    • Yayyyy giannis!!!!!! 馃挭馃徑馃枻

      JoannaJoannaHace 6 d铆as
  • 1:04, damn I can listen to that all day

    gagi gogogagi gogoHace 7 d铆as
  • Giannis a 26years old 馃檮what????

    Coleen PineColeen PineHace 7 d铆as
  • Kobe bryant

    Rexson CalajateRexson CalajateHace 7 d铆as
  • I love how Giannis is doing his lil dance living his best life lol 馃ぃ Congrats Champ & to the city of Milwaukee 馃弳馃憦馃檶馃挭much love from New Orleans 鈿

    Rvve DuioRvve DuioHace 7 d铆as
  • Mprabo re malaka

  • Nigirian freak 馃嚦馃嚞 馃挭

    onoma eponimoonoma eponimoHace 8 d铆as
  • Congratulations Nigeria for Ante.

    Ele TsarosEle TsarosHace 8 d铆as
  • Look, his teamates did not pour chanpagne on Giannis馃榿馃檨 its because he didnt wore his champion shirt馃榿馃榿馃榿 So he just left the locker room.

    steffany elyssa almazan mendozasteffany elyssa almazan mendozaHace 8 d铆as
  • I wanted Chris Paul to get a ring but Gianni's deserved way more

    vliduu zeebvliduu zeebHace 8 d铆as

    GT ROGT ROHace 8 d铆as

    GT ROGT ROHace 8 d铆as
  • From now on he's my favorite after Michael Jordan

    Henry TagleHenry TagleHace 8 d铆as
  • George Korkos was cheering in heaven!

    Anne KAnne KHace 8 d铆as
    • @vliduu zeeb ???

      Anne KAnne KHace 7 d铆as
    • Jrue Holiday is the goat 2 way guard

      vliduu zeebvliduu zeebHace 8 d铆as
  • I was wondering why he had those goggles when he was walking around! Lol! Good planning!

    Anne KAnne KHace 8 d铆as
  • Yayyyy giannis!!!!!! 馃挭馃徑馃枻

    Amina MosesAmina MosesHace 8 d铆as
  • John Piper? 3:06

    Victor MalbarosaVictor MalbarosaHace 8 d铆as
  • @0:44 Female sports analyst: 鈥淧ut a camera on Giannis for 48 hours, I鈥檇 watch every bit of it鈥 awkward silence

    nijuo joingnijuo joingHace 8 d铆as
  • championship. Happy for giannis humble king

    Regdu GehtRegdu GehtHace 9 d铆as
  • As much as I want CP3 to win a chip, but Giannis showed more heart than anyone else in this series.

    Paul MercadoPaul MercadoHace 9 d铆as
  • As a lakers fan I'm happy for Giannis and the Bucks. The Greek Freak enjoy it man.

    Sang NguyenSang NguyenHace 9 d铆as
    • be....

      nijuo joingnijuo joingHace 8 d铆as
  • "My love, let your heart keep my commandments."(Proverbs 3:1)

    銆娽磵岽渟瑟岽勩 NINJA銆娽磵岽渟瑟岽勩 NINJAHace 9 d铆as
  • Giannis is diserve for MVP finals

    Mamang Driver na VloggerMamang Driver na VloggerHace 9 d铆as
    • Does giannis not drink or something?? He never touched the champenge

      Regdu GehtRegdu GehtHace 9 d铆as
  • Live for God repent read your Bible pray and have faith I鈥檓 him stand firm in it Isaiah 7.9 in Jesus name amen he鈥檚 coming soon馃檹馃従鈥硷笍

    Christian SealsChristian SealsHace 9 d铆as
  • The bucks need to go out and get two people one of them is Westbrook he fits right in with this team running 馃挩 up and down the court Westbrook would've torn a new line in the sun's front court they better go pay Westbrook and get him over there

    The ProgramThe ProgramHace 9 d铆as
  • That woman saying 鈥淚鈥檇 watch every bit of it鈥 after saying have a camera follow him for 48 hours鈥 馃槀馃槀馃槀

    serdy ximiserdy ximiHace 9 d铆as
  • Jrue Holiday is the goat 2 way guard

    jj ballerjj ballerHace 9 d铆as
  • Eversince the Suns lost it鈥檚 been raining 馃導 for days in my country; hence no sun 鈽锔. 馃弨馃槈

    Ken Tan SchneiderKen Tan SchneiderHace 9 d铆as
    • Best player in league by far

      serdy ximiserdy ximiHace 9 d铆as
  • God, Isaiah Thomas is a terrible commentator. How is he still on TV

    Oflunra ZeuqramOflunra ZeuqramHace 9 d铆as
  • "Where's my mom?"

    MartinezStudiesMartinezStudiesHace 9 d铆as
  • Congrats bucks

    Black MotifBlack MotifHace 9 d铆as
  • If this was Larry Bird He鈥檇 be practicing his free throws later that nite

    Him BikeHim BikeHace 9 d铆as
  • CP3 GO CRY IN THE CAR馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

    Chris ClaytonrChris ClaytonrHace 9 d铆as

    Manslayer361Manslayer361Hace 9 d铆as
  • what is this half-wit talking about ? a professional athlete hits his absolute physical prime around 28 years of age as stats show...giannis is very close to the best he will ever be....

    Jade ZeeJade ZeeHace 9 d铆as
  • Does giannis not drink or something?? He never touched the champenge

    GrassIsGreener12GrassIsGreener12Hace 9 d铆as
  • Nigerian born馃嚦馃嚞鉂わ笍馃拞馃徎鈥嶁檪锔

    Emmanuel MeleweEmmanuel MeleweHace 9 d铆as
  • This is what a "Superstar" does, take notes Ben Simmons.

    cnmmd qiuoocnmmd qiuooHace 9 d铆as
  • 螘委谓伪喂 魏蟻委渭伪 蟺慰蠀 未蔚谓 蔚委谓伪喂 魏慰谓蟿维 蟽慰蠀 慰 蟺伪蟿苇蟻伪蟼 蟽慰蠀, 伪位位维 蔚魏 渭苇蟻慰蠀蟼 蠈位蠅谓 蟿蠅谓 蟺伪蟿蔚蟻维未蠅谓 蟺慰蠀 蔚蠂慰蠀谓 蟺伪喂未喂维 蟽蟿畏谓 畏位喂魏委伪 蟽慰蠀 ,蟽慰蠀 位苇蠅 慰蟿喂 渭伪蟼 魏维谓蔚喂蟼 蟺蔚蟻萎蠁伪谓慰蠀蟼 魏维胃蔚 渭苇蟻伪 纬喂维 蠈位伪 蠈蟽伪 魏维谓蔚喂蟼. 螡伪 蔚委蟽伪喂 蟺维谓蟿伪 魏伪位维 螕喂维谓谓畏.

    螔伪蟽委位畏蟼 螕魏位蠈尾伪谓慰蟼螔伪蟽委位畏蟼 螕魏位蠈尾伪谓慰蟼Hace 9 d铆as
  • It's the finals. No one cares about Covid

    Anonymous UnknownAnonymous UnknownHace 10 d铆as
  • 8:31 Bruh caught in 4k馃摳

    DirtyDanDirtyDanHace 10 d铆as
    • She want Giannis 馃槶馃槶馃槀

      cnmmd qiuoocnmmd qiuooHace 9 d铆as
  • Why they always downplay lebron when someone else wins a chip 馃う馃従鈥嶁檪锔

    1804Chozen Music1804Chozen MusicHace 10 d铆as
  • Best player in league by far

    myr 0168myr 0168Hace 10 d铆as
  • Is that blue line on the uniform, part of the uniform? Or is it police support? (Thin blue line / blue lives matter )

    DabaydestrianDabaydestrianHace 10 d铆as
  • Winning is everything

    Winningiseverything!Winningiseverything!Hace 10 d铆as
  • Oa. Nman nka stamba lang

    Karine CaloKarine CaloHace 10 d铆as
  • Why do these NBA victory celebration seem so lame in recent years?

    Trey KnowsworthyTrey KnowsworthyHace 10 d铆as
  • Fun fact: giannis went from scrawny kid to a finals mvp.

    liouy cnnyliouy cnnyHace 10 d铆as

    CarterEH30CarterEH30Hace 10 d铆as
  • Ben simmons could never 馃お馃お馃お

    Kayd茅 SanchezKayd茅 SanchezHace 10 d铆as
  • seems that there's no covid anymore at US

    Marjie Andrada LagareMarjie Andrada LagareHace 10 d铆as
  • Only person to win DPOY, FMVP, MVP, AMVP, MIP

    Joshua SciclunaJoshua SciclunaHace 10 d铆as
    • Congratulations idols鈾ワ笍

      liouy cnnyliouy cnnyHace 10 d铆as
  • The suns crowd should have never counted down each free throw.. You just pissed him off and made him play better HAHAHHA LOL

    DawgieDawgieDawgieDawgieHace 10 d铆as
  • And no one gave thanks to God. 馃う鈥嶁檪锔

    Dee Jay713Dee Jay713Hace 10 d铆as
  • Just wanted it more, way to go, hard work prevails everytime,bucks baby 2021 you know what.

    Taku NumeroTaku NumeroHace 10 d铆as
  • She want Giannis 馃槶馃槶馃槀

    mark ingrammark ingramHace 10 d铆as
  • one of the most satisfying championship since dirk in 2011

    Lawriz Miguel DotimasLawriz Miguel DotimasHace 10 d铆as
  • 7:03 poor guy in the back wanted to drink some champagne too 馃 should have saved some for him too lol asshole haha

    OnlyGodCanMoveUsOnlyGodCanMoveUsHace 10 d铆as
  • wtf?in the first seconds I thought it was 2k

    Mariel Lauren SantosMariel Lauren SantosHace 10 d铆as
  • It seems normal now in USA, I'm so jealous.

    yumekoyumekoHace 10 d铆as
  • Wtf what kind of camera is that!

    Carl CarlCarl CarlHace 10 d铆as
  • Tyamba

    jojie Zedlavjojie ZedlavHace 10 d铆as
  • That mug is places just right馃槀馃槀馃槀

    Tom SeedsTom SeedsHace 10 d铆as
  • So nobody gonna talk about what transpired at 1:03

    Peter SullivanPeter SullivanHace 10 d铆as
  • Giannis gonna pick up some champagne or what?

    John FishermanJohn FishermanHace 10 d铆as
  • Congratulations idols鈾ワ笍

    Tatay wapsTatay wapsHace 10 d铆as
  • The old smell geographically peel because gosling phongsaly mourn apropos a furry furtive gasoline. messy, illustrious war

    Dede MatteraDede MatteraHace 10 d铆as
  • We're all happy for Giannis and Khris. They deserved it. 鉂

    Alex Michel Ange LoukouAlex Michel Ange LoukouHace 10 d铆as
  • Give Brooklyn credit for getting 2 of their stars hurt at the right time.

    MrZocorMrZocorHace 10 d铆as
  • Notice everytime somebody other then bring win they say this might b the new best players in the league

    Justin CormierJustin CormierHace 10 d铆as
  • micheal jordan: and I took that personally!

    JirenJirenHace 10 d铆as
  • im happy for gianis

    Lerkx_Lerkx_Hace 10 d铆as
  • watching Isiah Thomas 馃檹馃檹 talks is so much refreshing than Stephen A Smith, Chris Broussard and Skip Oh Skip Bayless 馃う鈥嶁檪锔忦煠︹嶁檪锔忦煠︹嶁檪锔忦煠︹嶁檪锔

    joe klayjoe klayHace 10 d铆as
  • Giannis is one of the most likable nba players. So happy for him!!

    Coffee8Coffee8Hace 10 d铆as
  • Olajuwon and Giannis are both Nigerians. They are Nigerian first.

    ify ifemanimaify ifemanimaHace 10 d铆as
  • He is a Nigerian and then Greek!

    ify ifemanimaify ifemanimaHace 10 d铆as
  •'s over? I didn't watch one Finals game xD . Guess I just don't care with all the BLM garbage they represent.

    M DM DHace 10 d铆as
  • Why is it that people in 2021 open their mouths and just blur out anything, especially if one is trying to educate others. Isaiah says that Gianni is Nigerian born that moved to Greece with his family.WROOOOONG. This is National tv my guy, how can you be sitting in such a chair speaking to the world and sharing facts that are not valid. Gianni and 4 of his 5 brothers are born in Greece to Nigerian parents not the way Isaiah said it. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase big tv people stop sharing false facts and fake news cause your making the world dumber than yourselves already are. Ty

  • Here are the present NBA jinx players. Chris Paul, James Harden, Paul George, Blake Griffin, Carmelo Anthony.

    Black ZeppellicaBlack ZeppellicaHace 10 d铆as
  • Kobe Bryant hella proud of giannis antetokounmpo 馃挴馃挴馃敟馃敟馃敟

    KingKingHace 10 d铆as
  • ---- FR34K ----

  • I hate the bucks

    Uday GrewalUday GrewalHace 10 d铆as
  • I鈥檓 so proud of Giannis I love him so much blessings blessings God is so good keep up the hard work 馃檹馃徑馃檹馃徑鉂わ笍鉂わ笍馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀馃挴馃挴go Bucks馃弨馃弨馃弨馃弨

    Rosalee FraterRosalee FraterHace 10 d铆as
  • Zeke! It鈥檚 called an upgrade.

    Edzel MejiaEdzel MejiaHace 10 d铆as
  • I don鈥檛 care what people say but giannis is better then lebron at this point

    DriplordDriplordHace 10 d铆as
  • This finna be Gannis first and last championship. This is the era of media over hyping over reacting to every single thing that any player does. So this guy has gannis over Duncan, Malone, KD, KG and Barkley. You drop any of those players in any era. They hooping. You drop gannis in a physical era where PF where true PF and had skills for days. Gannis ain鈥檛 gonna be Gannis. Let鈥檚 just enjoy Gannis win. But don鈥檛 overreact to his win with all time bullshit ESPN always be on.

    Prodigy QbProdigy QbHace 10 d铆as
  • Giannis deserves all the praise he might be talented but his effort and hunger to win is what got them the W, and that is just something you can鈥檛 teach/train

    Raul CasasRaul CasasHace 10 d铆as
  • Lebron and kd will not have the same respect as this man have.

    Francis ReyesFrancis ReyesHace 10 d铆as