MARINA - Venus Fly Trap (Official Music Video)



“ANCIENT DREAMS IN A MODERN LAND” - Live from the desert, 12th June. 🏜🌵

Directed by: Weird Life
Executive Producers: Weird Life Films
Creative Director: Laura Gordon
Director of Photography: Jackson James
Editor: Ryan Ohm
Video Commissioner: Trevor Joseph Newton
Marina Management: Crush Music

Producer: Erin Boyle \u0026 Anthony Pedone
PA: Matt Garland
1st AC: Jake Bayless
2nd AC: Jed Hernandez
Gaffer: Paul Deorio
Key Grip: Michael Suraci
Stills Photographer: Brendan Walter
Production Designer: Justin Ryan Brown
Set Decorator: Carter Shults
Art PA: Charlie Northrop
Picture Car: Barton Reavis
Monster Suit: Anatomorphix
Covid Compliance Officer: Anthony Pedone
CCO Assistant: Kati Thomas

Wardrobe: Mercedes Natalia
Makeup: Anthony Nguyen
Hair: Rena Calhoun
Hair Assistant: Lauren Leuning
Custom Wardrobe: Olima
Choreographer: Lisa Eaton
Stills Photographer: Brendan Walter

VFX: Rick Gorge
Color: The Mill
Colourist: Oisin O’Driscoll
Colour Assist: Cassie Benedict
Colour Assist: Jonathan Brandenberg
Colour Producer: Cameron Aper
Film Process/ Scan: Spectra

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  • YES

    Dream SoloDream SoloHace 20 minutos
  • manifesting...🙏🏻🤍 Marina ILYSM😩🤍

    Javiera AntoniaJaviera AntoniaHace 46 minutos
  • Happy Wonderful a Present Good Marina a Universal Nice To Love You a Official Day's

    Vincent ZimmermannVincent ZimmermannHace un hora
  • I LIVE for this

    Lizeth FernándezLizeth FernándezHace 2 horas
  • Come on TikTok

    Jeff BBJeff BBHace 2 horas
  • Our queen is back!! I love this song so much ♡︎

    Ms CarstairsMs CarstairsHace 3 horas
  • Amazing song and i love this video!! Great work Marina❤️!!!

    Yoruichi ShihouinYoruichi ShihouinHace 3 horas
  • This is so cool

    cam lolcam lolHace 5 horas
  • HelamHelamHace 5 horas
  • Just everything about every part of this is actually so perfect that it hurts . To me it represents marinas last 4 albums perfectly as well as current Marina sitting in her car watching Hollywood burn. 👨‍🍳 💋

    Lizard KingLizard KingHace 5 horas
  • So how much autotune? Marina: No, just no

    rainbow dashrainbow dashHace 5 horas
  • 🍸🍸

    Diego PolancoDiego PolancoHace 6 horas
  • I think I’ve watched this about a hundred times while grinding in World of Warcraft. I feel so fucking bad ass listening to this song. It makes me want to take on the world.

    RonanRonanHace 6 horas
  • Amazing! love the metaphor of the lizard behind the camera, most of the industry is scum. Glad to see you mixing it up

    Exeter Eye Associates Doctors of OptometryExeter Eye Associates Doctors of OptometryHace 7 horas
  • Me encanta ese video, y su voz, es lo mejor. Que mal por aquellos que aún no descubren a Marina, aún peor por los que no le dan una oportunidad

    maité bastidasmaité bastidasHace 8 horas
  • I'm obsessed with this song

    PrincessOfHellPrincessOfHellHace 8 horas
  • Ok I’m feeling the vibes from the Family Jewels sound and I’m sooooooooo here for it

    Zeus OiraZeus OiraHace 8 horas
  • This song baffels me. Is it allright to like Marinas perfect curves or is it antifeminism and wrong?

    Jukka TuhkanenJukka TuhkanenHace 9 horas
  • Oh my god this song is all I need

    Leo RunLeo RunHace 9 horas
  • this is pure gold

    Gustavo CamposGustavo CamposHace 10 horas
  • I love this song

    Isabella LealIsabella LealHace 10 horas
  • yep yep this era mvs are hands down my favourite

    xx xxxxx xxxHace 11 horas
  • ok but this is a BANGER

    VictoriaVictoriaHace 11 horas
  • Yes ♥️

    ArtemisArtemisHace 12 horas
  • electra heart is alive and she blew up hollywood.

    BellaBellaHace 12 horas
  • Im a barb u can tell im not familiar with alternative but i think nicki should do a remix for this song 😭it's amazing 💫

    femmam abdessalemfemmam abdessalemHace 13 horas
    • No thank you 🥰

      King MaximoffKing MaximoffHace 10 horas
  • 0:30

    Bella StylesBella StylesHace 13 horas
  • i love this. the aesthetics, the outfits, the SONG... 😆

    SimpleIdeasSimpleIdeasHace 13 horas
  • Marina, I love you ❤️ wow wow wow

    Ann SamoiAnn SamoiHace 13 horas
  • I love you Marina

    Eduardo Cuellar GutierrezEduardo Cuellar GutierrezHace 13 horas
  • she said PRODUCTION

    MiyahMiyahHace 14 horas
  • "Harvey Weinstein Gone to Jail"

    Cristian EstradaCristian EstradaHace 14 horas
  • This gives me Oh No vibes & I loooove it!!!

    karanatakaranataHace 14 horas
  • underrated bop

    datfilidatfiliHace 15 horas
  • one of the best 10s singer along with Melanie and Troye

    ManuelManuelHace 16 horas
  • This song is this half year sentiment 🌞

    Marielle TejadaMarielle TejadaHace 16 horas
  • Te amo

    Sophie LophieSophie LophieHace 17 horas
  • cool music and aesthetic

    bappybappyHace 18 horas
  • 2021 really loves lorde and marina huh

    babyshartbabyshartHace 19 horas
  • fav.....the video is socool

    Julliana SalongaJulliana SalongaHace 19 horas
  • She dissed lana😱

    zeynep • 18 yıl öncezeynep • 18 yıl önceHace 20 horas
  • No words lol cheers

    Rachel RexxxRachel RexxxHace 21 un hora
  • Watch cloe black 🖤 she is cool too

    Joseluis MartinezJoseluis MartinezHace 22 horas
  • Don't read the bottom of this sentence or you will get really bad luck.If it is unintentional,then it’s okay. .You will be kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Now you've started reading this don't stop this is so freaky. But if you read this and ignore it then you will have very bad luck. Put this on 15 songs in 144 mins. When you are done press space bar and your crushes name will appear in big letters on the screen this is so freaky it actually works"\

    Raymond JiangRaymond JiangHace 22 horas
  • Pause and go to 1:22 There's a Purge The Poison reference.

    Ria StevensRia StevensHace 23 horas
  • So lovely Lady 😘🤗

    BianKa GonzalezBianKa GonzalezHace un día
  • I love you marina

  • A mature Electra Heart wearing a t-shirt about Harvey Weinstein going to the jail it's something EPIC.

    Henri B. Neto l BOOKCRUSHESHenri B. Neto l BOOKCRUSHESHace un día
  • Marina is such a gem

    BloodrayneBloodrayneHace un día
  • Marina and lana del rey collab plststsssss and the world is over 🌻❤

    Chandy PelaezChandy PelaezHace un día
  • i feel like i know some of the movies referenced but not all, or they're on the tip of my tongue. anyone else recognize the rest? here's what I've got: -Alien or Jurassic Park (scene in the kitchen area when the raptor comes for the kids) -Terminator (Sarah Connor) -A Quentin Tarantino movie, idk which one (when she's in the diner with the Harvey shirt). Pulp Fiction? -No idea on the 60s one. -She also makes a reference to very early cinema with the 1920s pencil brows and black and white MGM logo toward the beginning, maybe even like a Mae West character, but I don't know a specific film it would refer to.

    AnnaAnnaHace un día
    • When she’s wearing the blonde wig, she’s Electra grown up. From her Electra heart era.

      Frooty DiamondFrooty DiamondHace 5 horas
    • I think that Marina is playing as her previous eras! But all the ones you’ve listed suit it so much!

      Frooty DiamondFrooty DiamondHace 5 horas
  • Ok but this is a really strong record? Maybe her time to get even bigger

    Illuminati KingIlluminati KingHace un día
  • Dammnn I love this song!

    FNaFstic • Leo •FNaFstic • Leo •Hace un día
  • I’m obsessed with this track.

    Hector OmarHector OmarHace un día
  • ooh ooh ooh

    HanaHanaHace un día
  • Te amo marina ven a Mexico cuando puedas ♡

    Negative twentyIINegative twentyIIHace un día
  • lana is it u?

    David MorelDavid MorelHace un día
  • 0:50 1:02 1:18 1:35

    Bella LickliderBella LickliderHace un día
  • Terapia ? No gracias yo lo arreglo sola :)) *Se pone a escuchar el nuevo álbum de Marina a todo volumen* 🛐

    Naviel 003Naviel 003Hace un día
  • Loveeeeeeee

    Well FerreyWell FerreyHace un día
  • Muito boooom

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  • wow this song is so...iconincincicncinccin

    LuckyLifeguardLuckyLifeguardHace un día
  • Jesus!!!

    Evandro SantosEvandro SantosHace un día
  • This woman can pull off any age

    LavenderMoonLavenderMoonHace un día
  • 💙🤍💙🤍💙🤍💙🤍

    Contos do CaioContos do CaioHace un día

    Ana María Quispe FloresAna María Quispe FloresHace un día
  • Kinda obsessed

    Stephen MedeirosStephen MedeirosHace un día
  • I kinda love Marina's dancing style

    Ultima214Ultima214Hace un día
  • We loves Marina oh I’m still part of The Diamonds 🤪

    The AmericanThe AmericanHace un día
  • the shirt :"Harvey Weinstein gone to jain" ... KUDOS .. everyone should have one

    Micah VMicah VHace un día
  • this slaps hard

    Micah VMicah VHace un día
  • it's giving me froot 🥰🥰

    TiaTiaHace un día
  • Te amo mamá

    Yo Soy MercurioYo Soy MercurioHace un día
  • 1:56 I'm obsessed with the way she sings that part

    just let the Devil outjust let the Devil outHace un día
  • She's looking a little bit like Carrie Fisher 😱 I love this so much ❤

    Lara MariaLara MariaHace un día
  • wow this video was amazing !

    tommy leetommy leeHace un día
  • mariiiiii flipoooooo DESDE COLOMBIA T AMOOOOOOOO

  • Just wrote a review for 'Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land' at So proud of Marina for this work of art!

    KorfianKorfianHace un día
  • Temazo!

    Flavia BonottoFlavia BonottoHace un día
  • The best video of the year

    Gunnar EðvarðssonGunnar EðvarðssonHace un día
  • Thi's amazing!

    Laís HastenreitterLaís HastenreitterHace un día
  • I can see this music hitting on tiktok

    Henzo5StarsHenzo5StarsHace un día
  • Espero que o Grammy reconheça essa obra,merece muito uma indicação

    Erick MatheusErick MatheusHace un día
  • Perfeita

    Erick MatheusErick MatheusHace un día
  • Una de las cosas que más felices me hacen de este álbum es ese tono de frescura y de felicidad que necesitaba después de que saliesese LOVE+FEAR! Eso de que Marina está empleando todo su dinero para hacer estos proyectos y sacar su yo interior mediante su capacidad de hacer música y arte me parece precioso, como siempre Marina haciendo lo mejor que puede 💗

    Christal Barek MartínChristal Barek MartínHace un día
  • Stream Venus Fly Trap on Spotifyyyy

    Smorsey KSmorsey KHace un día
  • I love everything about this video 🤍

    Smorsey KSmorsey KHace un día
  • Taxes: done depression: gone acne: cured my father: back with a gallon of milk this song: brilliant

    OopdtenfortdOopdtenfortdHace un día
  • Mi hijo dice que es su Diosa Griega osea enamorada mi hijo de ella

    Josefina PérezJosefina PérezHace un día
  • This song perfectly describes girlbosses!

  • I liked this album much more than Love+Fear

    Jazmín Rodríguez MoroJazmín Rodríguez MoroHace un día
  • i love how she brought back the different eras, i feel so old lol, marina carried my teens and now im a grown adult. crazy

    maggot infested bodybagmaggot infested bodybagHace un día
  • who sees the little thing coming out of the corner on the right side?

    boskovskiboskovskiHace un día
  • This is very Blondie/Debbie Harry.

    CaNNeD CRaZyCaNNeD CRaZyHace un día
  • Alien is so funny, ha-ha!

    Miklosh B.Miklosh B.Hace un día
  • "You'll never stop me being me" will ALWAYS be my favorite line in this song

    Ultima214Ultima214Hace un día
  • but i thought capitalism made us poor, how is a millionariess gonna relate to that?

    Theodora BlackTheodora BlackHace un día
  • Every MARINA song is masterpiece 👌 i can't stop listening to her

    Space DebrisSpace DebrisHace un día

    ABSTERABSTERHace un día