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Director : Dave Meyers
Dir Rep : Jaime Rabineau
EP / Producer : Nathan Scherrer
Head of Production: Ben Piety
1st AD : Dave Dean
2nd AD: Carl ‘CJ’ Jackson
DP : Scott Cunningham
1st AC: Pergrin jung
2nd AC: Koji Kojima
Gaffer: Brian Lofthouse
Key Grip: Dave Riggio
Production Designer : Patrick Tatopoulos
Art Director: Peter Andrus
Movement Coach: Galen Hooks
Cast Stylist: Marta Del Rio
Key Makeup Artists: Ryan Burke \u0026 Barney Burman
Key Hair Stylist: Charlie Le Mindu
Band Clothing Director and Stylist - Beth Fenton
Band Grooming - Sienree Du \u0026 Brittany Sullivan
Editor: Alyssa Oh
Colour: Stefan Sonnenfeld
Final Mix - Jeff Malen

Ambiguous Dance Company:
Choreographer: Boram Kim
Dancers: KyeongMin Jang, HyeSang Lee, DongIn Yoo, SoJeong Im
Producer: HeeJin Lee
Artist Management: Producer Group DOT

US Dancers:
Alyson Van
Sohey Sugihara
Nick Lanzisera
Miki Michelle
Rouge Begu

VFX: Mathematic
Executive Producer : Guillaume Marien
VP Executive Producer : Rebecca Rice
VFX Supervisor : Yann Aldabe
Flame Supervisor : Fred Brandon
Shooting Supervisor : Vincent Blin
VFX Producer : Mikaella Zarka

UK Service Company: Somesuch

UK Shoot Crew:
Producer: Tom Gardner
Production Manager: Lana Henry
Production Assistant Michelle Cheung

1st ad: Rawdon De Fresnes
Dop: David Procter
Focus Puller: Adam Feeney
2nd Assistant Camera: Teresa Adamson
Camera Trainee: Sacks ellis
Key Grip: Johnny Donne
Grip: Wolf Wasserman
Crane Tech #1: Jordan Webber
Crane Tech #2: Paul Kolthammer
Dit: Matt Cole
Playback Operator: Karl Taggart
Music Playback: Von Adams
Vfx Supervisor: Dane Armour
Gaffer: Justin Paterson
Desk Op: Aaron Vennes
Electrician: Ben Suter
Electrician: Luke Maund
Rigger: Aaron Rackham
Prop Maker: Pierre Bohanna
Model Maker: Jamie Breakwell
Model Maker: Jason Kearsley
Prop Master: Ezra Piers-Mantell
Sfx: Rui Miguel Augusto
Covid Supervisor: Kelly Spacey
Medic: Paul Mawson
Runner: Mia Tessema
Runner: Apollo Wilson

Stylist Assistant: Sadie Williams
Tailor: Della George
Grooming: Robyn Rowan

Drum Technician: Andy Henderson
Guitar Technician: Matt Mcginn

Coldplay Manager: Dave Holmes
Coldplay Creative Director: Phil Harvey
Coldplay Co-Creative Director: Misty Buckley
Management: Mandi Frost, Arlene Moon, Brooks Roach
Director of Digital \u0026 Communications: Chris Salmon
Band Assistant: Emma Jane Randall, Jessie Ogilvy \u0026 Lauren Rauch

Since forming at university in London, Coldplay have gone on to become one of the planet’s most popular acts, selling more than 100 million copies of their eight Number One albums, which have spawned a string of hits including Yellow, Clocks, Fix You, Paradise, Viva La Vida, A Sky Full Of Stars, Hymn For The Weekend, Adventure Of A Lifetime, Orphans and, most recently, Higher Power.





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  • Hello

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  • Even though I miss old Coldplay, I love it every time they reinvent themselves. They've evolved so much, and I feel like I've evolved with them :')

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  • Darn well knocked the ball out of the park, again

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  • 3:44 my name is Chris Martin and I'm the fastest man alive!

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  • 'Singing every second, dancing every hour' is a lyric that is so below them. Just awful. It's something a primary school child would write if tasked with writing a song.

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  • drocer nekorb a eKILL ME

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  • Que raiva: as músicas animadas do Coldplay terminam quando estão no ápice da animação. Assim foi com a Sky Full of Stars, Every Tear is a Waterfall..

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  • Piensalo, la tierra tiene 4.543 miles de millones de años, y a ti te tocó vivir en la época donde existe Coldplay ;).

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  • Wow the quality of this video is insane!

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  • beautiful....your songs are wonderful, reassure me

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  • coldplay high energy !! high Power love it just keep getting better and better , cant wait for there tour hope they do glastonbury again epic keep banging them tunes out !! :-).......

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  • In every album you give new taste of music... That's only applicable with coldplay ... Amazing guys ❤️❤️

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  • It's a movie!!! Amazing 💛

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  • Brother Chris and Team.... How you guys are reading our minds !!? Let Power be to You and Team forever. Happy to feel alive at the same time as you.

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  • Hello Coldplay, what a great song, love it, so you all please stay safe from the Corona Virus and many greetings from Brunswick in Germany :) PS: any chance for a signed autograph Card?

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  • Hello everybody. I'd glad to gather you to see our Dy_Channel. Thanks before.

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  • Brilliant & fun Anyone detecting law of attraction messages in their newer music 🥰

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