Chinese rocket headed straight toward earth

Michio Kaku details the impending rocket crash due to take place this weekend on 'Your World' with Neil Cavuto

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  • Two sb

    Wade YukiWade YukiHace 29 días
  • China criminal party is no country but a barbaric transnational inhumanity mafia using dirty unrestricted warfare to take down the US and democracy and to replace the world with CCP order! The world must take down China Criminal Party!

    SS3SS3Hace un mes
  • Catching down not up😅😅😅😅😅🇬🇧🍵the mad dogs story

    charisma Colecharisma ColeHace un mes
  • Rockets always land in the Bermuda triangle. Space is an easy way to collect tax payers $

    Ryan EddyRyan EddyHace un mes
  • The Next fly of this rocket will blow a bio chemical weapon to spread in the air and poison us all. We don't even know it..

    jong arriesgadojong arriesgadoHace un mes
  • 你们在害怕什么,你们为什么要害怕?

    HEN TAIHEN TAIHace un mes
  • hopefully it will take out your yard sign

    Leon HoLeon HoHace un mes
  • How do you still have a job?

    North Idaho BEARNorth Idaho BEARHace un mes
  • Hopefully it will land in China and not somewhere else.

    Ella SterlingElla SterlingHace un mes
  • Would be a shame if it landed on Yellowstone , the world would end then

    Endrit BajramiEndrit BajramiHace un mes
  • 🔴🚨⚠️FINAL WARNING ⚠️ !!!!!!!!!!!! GOD JUDGEMENT IS COMING UPON THE EARTH!!!!!!! PLEASE ACCEPT THE GOSPEL AND GET SAVED TODAY!!!!!! WE ARE IN THE LAST MOMENTS BEFORE THE RAPTURE!!!!! 1 Corinthians 15 King James Version 15 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: PLEASE ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST TODAY!!!!!!!!!! THE LORD IS COMING AND ALSO HIS RATH!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

    Bible BelieversBible BelieversHace un mes
  • The Chinese are not decades behind the US or Russia. You idiot

    Jason WarsongJason WarsongHace un mes
  • Hah no rocket falling. Anyone studying the heavens with some knowledge of astrology knows what this really is.

    Dick FlinghammerDick FlinghammerHace un mes
  • So... I guess that's it, huh? Just... don't say I was a bad person. Welp, I'm going to McDonalds. Do y'all want anything?

    BluJay6430BluJay6430Hace un mes
  • "impending Chinese air strike waved off as 'space debris'". There, fixed it for ya.

    burleydadburleydadHace un mes
  • Anyone else see all the air bubbles in their video smh 🤦🏻 how stupid do they think we are

    PimPin SinceBeenPimPin69PimPin SinceBeenPimPin69Hace un mes
  • How many U.S. rockets have done the same thing? Is there any such thing as non-slanted news any more?

    Harold RussellHarold RussellHace un mes

    On A MissionOn A MissionHace un mes
  • That professor guy is super evil

    On A MissionOn A MissionHace un mes
  • Doubt it's Chinese

    On A MissionOn A MissionHace un mes
  • I like the interviewer. Errr da urm well err.. Which basically means this is how we lie on the Television (Tell lie vision) Trying to programme fear! (False evidence appearing real) into humanities subconscious minds.. Well guess what 🖕😂

    I’AM LOVEI’AM LOVEHace un mes
  • China is guilty of crime agains Planet Earth

    kk 237kk 237Hace un mes
    • So does the imposter.

      ꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄Hace un mes

    Final Press USAFinal Press USAHace un mes
  • Made in China

    fred janesonfred janesonHace un mes
  • Is this an war excercise... From sky..

    RT DevilpRT DevilpHace un mes
  • OR this is all a propaganda smear,

    Ray PrattRay PrattHace un mes
  • The-the-that dude is stumblin over his words,boy sure feels like that movie GREENLAND!?

    Ray PrattRay PrattHace un mes
  • Moab

    T.C. DixonT.C. DixonHace un mes
  • talk about a misrepresentation. It fell back to earth like so many us spacecraft have

    mam362mam362Hace un mes
  • When is it landing??What day? 😩

    Dee RDee RHace un mes
  • China China China they're becoming the world's headache

    Skippity DoodahSkippity DoodahHace un mes
  • Hahaha, be scared people the world is dangerous!!!

    JumperJumperHace un mes
  • China not believe in God ! China believed search civilization aliens ufo out space and want colonization out planet

    JOHN LEEJOHN LEEHace un mes
  • This is freedom of speech repeating putin?

  • Trump is a dumbass!!😂😂😂😂

    • The sky is blue.

      ꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄꧄Hace un mes
  • It will land in India

    Anand SinghAnand SinghHace un mes
  • Hilarious how fake this is lol...why don't the have GPS coordinates? Couldn't they zoom in and show real footage? Especially when they have the technology to show the moon in full view? Wake up you brain-dead sheep...we've never left the firmament

  • Wow only negative propaganda when the US has done the same thing last decade. The Chinese booster fell harmless in the Indian ocean. Yet the accomplishments on their space station is never produced on your airwaves.

    Ramses Dizon (Baitcaster25)Ramses Dizon (Baitcaster25)Hace un mes
  • Why not blow it up?

    ScottScottHace un mes
  • Ooooohhhhhh BUBBLES!!!!! I love space bubbles!

    shelleybean664shelleybean664Hace un mes
  • The fear mongering never takes a rest

    Robert JustinRobert JustinHace un mes
  • Read Genesis 1:17 Did god said he put the lights in the firmament. So how is it coming into the atmosphere? What are the lights? Sun, moon, star (constellations) and planets are constellations. Your Bible told me so. Then go look at the United Nations.... LOGO IMAGE? So what is that? 👁🤣🤣🤣👁

    Zelda ThomasZelda ThomasHace un mes
  • So this is how China ends the world

    Dan-AlmightyDan-AlmightyHace un mes
  • Trump supporters must think they're funny.......I'd say more deranged if anything

    great outdoorsgreat outdoorsHace un mes
  • How pathetic is China. Do their failures ever stop?

    TrumpedTrumpedHace un mes
  • People still fall for this nonsense.

    Chris WChris WHace un mes
  • Hopefully it lands on the whitehouse

    Brian SmithBrian SmithHace un mes
  • Fake news

    AntonAntonHace un mes
  • Kaku is full of malarkey.

    Sir Rodney Doodles' MomSir Rodney Doodles' MomHace un mes
  • Did the rocket even leave earth? lol

    Jim MarantosJim MarantosHace un mes
  • Does the CCP care if it lands anywhere but china.....they don't deserve the right to explore space if they are going to be this wreckless......get your act together china or face the covid 19...yeah we know...spineless disgrace to humanity

    Jim BradleyJim BradleyHace un mes
  • cant we make it hit china?

    O'BeastO'BeastHace un mes
  • Rekei8

    Melinda DavisMelinda DavisHace un mes
  • They're doing it on purpose. It wouldn't surprise me if they know where it's going to land

    C'mon peopleC'mon peopleHace un mes
    • may go to water

      Earthalien ZapaEarthalien ZapaHace un mes
  • Greenland in real life?

    allaboutcombatallaboutcombatHace un mes
  • Hey neal I still think you're a traitor to our country. I don't believe anything you say, im sure this China made rocket falling to earth is bc of Trump. Idiot!!!

    Conservative PatriotConservative PatriotHace un mes
  • Liars

    curtis leecurtis leeHace un mes
  • China is always so organised. Theyve caused enough drama. And no im not blaming asians, im blaming the country!

    SulaimanSulaimanHace un mes
    • It's the dam CCP that controls the people, their government is the worst on the planet

      Jim BradleyJim BradleyHace un mes
  • And it didn't land!!

    Amie SmytheAmie SmytheHace un mes
  • Faux News 🗞️

    cassi jocassi joHace un mes
  • Now that it's landed safely in the ocean, the tone in the comments has changed dramatically. Any one else got jokes now? Moving forward? Yes. Looks like fake news per usual.

    Humble HumanHumble HumanHace un mes
  • Tell China if it hits the US we will bomb their headquarters.

    DD PDD PHace un mes
  • We don't know where it will land? How would we defend from a intercontinental missile? Strange...

    Hilary ComstockHilary ComstockHace un mes

    Kristjan BergmannKristjan BergmannHace un mes
  • China again !

    Minnie Minnie moo moo ChorkieMinnie Minnie moo moo ChorkieHace un mes
  • If corona wasn’t enough damage they got a rocket guys don’t worry ....

    Diesel Core BuyerDiesel Core BuyerHace un mes
  • Don’t t believe anything this guy says. He’s a reptilian

    golondriz3golondriz3Hace un mes
  • Just wow

    LiteSinZLiteSinZHace un mes
  • I can’t believe people still watch this crap- the news!

    Todd VarnadoeTodd VarnadoeHace un mes
  • Has anyone here blamed Biden yet?

    Billy ShearsBilly ShearsHace un mes
  • It was a failed missile attack, thank you space force...

    JohnfJohnfHace un mes
  • Soo..... wheres the rocket?

    Clayton ColeClayton ColeHace un mes
  • well there's one thing that I've gradually understood (which I also think makes sense), there is no point for an American media to focus on anything that is good about China, and vice versa, especially given the current circumstances

    Kaining CuiKaining CuiHace un mes
  • Imagine being afraid of a rocket that has virtually no chance of hitting you, I bet 1000 bucks that the odds of dying from a car is 1million times higher than being hit by the rocket.

    Roger AndersenRoger AndersenHace un mes
  • You people have been systematically dumbed down!! All they need to show you is fake CGI animation of outer space and you instantaneously believe it!! Idiots!! Outer space is a blatant hoax!!

    ramon ortizramon ortizHace un mes
  • And vacanos, dizes, then 2 ice ages that killed off the dinosaurs

    Adian UnternahrerAdian UnternahrerHace un mes
  • Can't they control the landing to a dessert? Shoot it down if need be by either blowing it, up detonating a blast in it's path in attempt to alter it's point of re-entry and trajectory. Or crash an old satellite into it. Last thing we need is more human made waste in the oceans, and if it hits a populated area, such as a city, it may trigger a response resulting in a war. Either way it certainly won't be good for the already tense relations with China.

    Kevin MorganKevin MorganHace un mes

    Nandini BhagwatNandini BhagwatHace un mes
  • 🖕🏽chiner

    DP BBCDP BBCHace un mes
  • Woah a 100ft object hitting the earth! We’re all doomed.

    emarskineelemarskineelHace un mes
  • Not sure why they'd ask Michio Kaku to come on the show and talk about the Chinese rocket. Isn't he a theoretical physicist🤔 why not ask a rocket scientist

    Dan TenoDan TenoHace un mes
  • i hate fake news .

    Mark RiveraMark RiveraHace un mes
  • A flood killed off the dinosaurs, not an asteroid or meteor. Examine the geological evidence for yourself.

    General LeighGeneral LeighHace un mes
  • Clowns and actors. Michu Kaka is just a 🤡.

    Nicolas CorteNicolas CorteHace un mes
  • It's called GRAVITY.

    Joe JeffersonJoe JeffersonHace un mes
    • Gravity doesn't exist. Neither does outer space.

      J KJ KHace un mes
  • Some fishing boats going to look up and say what's that bright light heading towards us?

    EVIL QTipEVIL QTipHace un mes
    • HELLO

      Hamdan bin Mohammed Al MaktoumHamdan bin Mohammed Al MaktoumHace un mes
  • His jokes are terrible

    DayanDayanHace un mes
  • 10/10 title

    Dr HapiDr HapiHace un mes
  • When will they be held accountable for their negligence?

    DeadNeck90DeadNeck90Hace un mes
  • America produced most space rubbish and we are all worried about it in every second !

    choi sum wongchoi sum wongHace un mes
  • Wow that’s a good way for them to set something up and drop it on us. It’s just a rocket

    Abaddon HavensbaneAbaddon HavensbaneHace un mes
  • Eye believe you 🤥

    MARJANMARJANHace un mes
  • What if that rocket was suppose to crash to Earth on purpose?! What if it is carrying another BIO WEAPON?!

    Oracle Angels Shift AllOracle Angels Shift AllHace un mes
  • It will shake the earth that why you having a lot of volcano and earth quake I live in Barbados and about a month ago St vincent had a volcano where in Barbados go so much of it it expenses us every now is clearing up

    Judiette RichardsJudiette RichardsHace un mes
  • Ha ha ha ha lol keep watching TV....

    Sheep Network NowSheep Network NowHace un mes
  • Straight towards earth, that's such a stupid title. This thing is in orbit, barely skimming above the atmosphere. Going in circles around the earth, at some point, it's going to hit the atmosphere and slow down enough to fall to earth. Nothing from outer space is headed straight toward earth.

    Jordan McKinneyJordan McKinneyHace un mes

    Terry GrossTerry GrossHace un mes
  • Yeah I was right indian ocean 🌟 ⭐ 🌠

    Star manStar manHace un mes
  • This is now May 10th. Has it landed yet? Haven’t heard anything. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    SusyQue - 75SusyQue - 75Hace un mes
  • After Years of MSM (CIA Mockingbird FEAR based fake propaganda), a stolen election, and a ridiculous pandemic. I rely on the evidence set forward and my God given discernment. I find it funny how a supposedly serious "Scientist" is on the verge of laughter at an outrageous report that an out of control CCP missile might crash on a heavily populated area... possibly killing thousands. Yet almost comical... first the missile/rocket is estimated 100ft, and by the end of the video 175ft. 😳 Trust no one but your-self.

    Nelson DaSilvaNelson DaSilvaHace un mes