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  • I thought he was taking a break? Or he did he make the previous vid for views?

    BonzaBonzaHace 10 días
  • Does anyone know what that epic song is that Noah uses to get people hyped???

    Woolie MamothWoolie MamothHace un mes
  • Brand new character gameplay lol

    Jacob WelshJacob WelshHace un mes
  • Ur aim with that bow g is immense 👌 play more

    kristen hollandkristen hollandHace un mes
  • Where was the new character gameplay? You play lifeline all of the time.

    SaurSaurHace un mes
  • 32:24 damnnnnnnn😱 😉😂😂😂

    jonathan1MVPjonathan1MVPHace un mes
  • I love your videos..... but Go back to COD. You were apart of the reason the servers were terrible off launch. People who don’t play apex playing apex lmaooo PS I still love you though NoahJ ❤️

    Robert BushRobert BushHace un mes
  • Those bow hits were *chef's kiss* on point

    DannyDarko27DannyDarko27Hace un mes
  • ❄ mods 😪😂 This dude looks like discount Karl Urban

    Jim ThompsonJim ThompsonHace un mes
  • What happened to the whole stream noah? I wanted to watch it all sinced i missed the stream😢

    Andres RangelAndres RangelHace un mes
  • “Brand new character gameplay” yet never used the new character 😂

    ZacZacHace un mes
  • I guess the new character is lifeline wow 🤩

    RezPoNezRezPoNezHace un mes
  • This was amazing

    minlikestosk8minlikestosk8Hace un mes
  • Bro he never used valkyrie 😂

    The last wordThe last wordHace un mes
  • Anyone looking for him playing her he doesnt he wasted my time so im helping yall out in case you wanted to see him playing her

    nora padillanora padillaHace un mes
  • dude had a 2 day break and yall are losing ur fuckin minds, if you didnt watch the video you wouldnt even know he was gone, scumbag

    ConConConConHace un mes
  • Whole stream edit to 31 mins again 👿👿👿👿👿👿

    UltronLoves CivilWarUltronLoves CivilWarHace un mes
  • Yaaa apex stream

    Abdel Moneim BahaieAbdel Moneim BahaieHace un mes
  • what is that is that not a 5 or 8 h stream what happen ??? it's only 31 min for me ?????

    Swètchez ZàkuSwètchez ZàkuHace un mes
  • No valk gameplay?

    Adam OslerAdam OslerHace un mes
  • I would love to see you play more apex as long as you’re enjoying it

    MarcPlatapusMarcPlatapusHace un mes
  • where is the new character gameplay ?!?

    PowerPuff BoysPowerPuff BoysHace un mes
  • Wheres the rest of the stream I only get 30min worth

    chivas4797chivas4797Hace un mes
  • Your so insane NoahJ!!!

    TheTbss89TheTbss89Hace un mes
  • how can I watch the whole vod?

    Big LionBig LionHace un mes
  • Wow their playing a different game.

    Brady VangBrady VangHace un mes
  • Well very unexpected

    dead batterydead batteryHace un mes
  • Return of the king

    Rawan FathiRawan FathiHace un mes
  • Another Apex Stream?

    FrostbiteFrostbiteHace un mes
  • 3:30 hours into the stream, go to work and come back to a 31 minute video.... 😞

    CynstheticCynstheticHace un mes
  • Make this number 1 trending on gaming

    Ashley WAshley WHace un mes
  • Love how the title says new character game play but he only plays lifeline the whole vid where is the new legend because last time i checked lifeline is not new fam

    Kylien MatlockKylien MatlockHace un mes
  • watched this to see the new legend and all i saw was lifeline gameplay

    Jeb streamsJeb streamsHace un mes
  • Definitely play some more apex ! It’s fun to watch you. Actually gets me into the game. Your cracked

    YMC DahlYMC DahlHace un mes
  • play again

    Georgepap322 PapadakGeorgepap322 PapadakHace un mes
  • He screwed his teammate trying to look for the hop-up during that fight

    Devon JoseDevon JoseHace un mes
  • Got my 1st win on apex today

    Remaster DieriseRemaster DieriseHace un mes
  • Got scammed by NoahJ. He said the whole stream is going to be on ESmatch :(

    Fehim OmeriFehim OmeriHace un mes
  • 1000 percent no new character gameplay.

    Lex FelixLex FelixHace un mes
  • What happened the vid was 4 hours long

    Eric CabralEric CabralHace un mes
  • he didn't even play the new character wtf

    TreflipTreflipHace un mes
  • Wants Valkyrie Picks Lifeline. Classic Noah 🤣

    Ronald_raegunRonald_raegunHace un mes
    • It’s a glitch, if you picked any other characters besides the first 6, it would change your selection to one of the first six

      John SmithJohn SmithHace un mes
  • That last play on the first game was perfect 😂

    2Raw T2Raw THace un mes
  • I love u

    Call Me JokerCall Me JokerHace un mes
  • Remember to take care of yourself first Noah. Take your time off. You have your life outside of all this here. We're all going through this crazy time in life. You got to have your breaks for your mental health as well. Regardless of how long the breaks are, people will still keep up with you and stream your content. But you have to take care of yourself and your family before the rest of it. Keep yourself right, mentally and physically.

    Mico PoseyMico PoseyHace un mes
  • “Killing time is shitty” 😂😂 sorry just was laughing again when I heard your familiar voice

    xXWoodenSwordXxxXWoodenSwordXxHace un mes
  • *People who came home from school and was happy watching noah* 👇

    Joshua MartinJoshua MartinHace un mes
  • Any school or college students watching here ❤️❤️

  • 3:20:00 wow the free win and the acting was A1

    Horatio JohnsonHoratio JohnsonHace un mes
  • I hope you read this that was awesome I never comment on videos but you friend are awesome for that snipe shot 👏

    Harry RelkcHarry RelkcHace un mes
  • Bruh, why is it half an hour long, the stream was over 4 hours, I want to watch the whole thing wtf

    William RiceWilliam RiceHace un mes
    • Idk if it's noah doing it or youtube but his last few streams have done this

      tiktok thotstiktok thotsHace un mes
  • Where's the „brand new character“ gameplay tho?

    Th3FiGhtEr03Th3FiGhtEr03Hace un mes
  • Brooo when the update first released at 10 am for me, the game was bugged and only allowed you to go into a game and play as the season 1 characters and half the menu didn’t work but by 5 pm for me it was fixed

    Deadshot daiquiriDeadshot daiquiriHace un mes
  • Am so happy he is back I love u noah

    Cristian HernandezCristian HernandezHace un mes
  • bruh wot happened to stream

    Fernando JohnsonFernando JohnsonHace un mes
  • thank you for coming back, i love watchin ur videos after a long day. i always watch them right before bed. one of the most sincere youtubers there is.

    Judas GoatJudas GoatHace un mes
  • Where did the full vod go? 🥺

    William KrauseWilliam KrauseHace un mes
  • “BRAND NEW CHARACTER GAMEPLAY”.... plays lifeline for the whole video 🤨

    Your HeadYour HeadHace un mes
    • It was a bug that selected your last used legend when picking valkarie its probably fixed now so look forward to his next stream

      Icey_FruitsnacksIcey_FruitsnacksHace un mes
  • How do I watch the whole stream, only shows 30 minutes???

    berty wolf6berty wolf6Hace un mes
    • It just changed which is weird

      Jonathan WolfeJonathan WolfeHace un mes
  • Hello, Humans. If money and practicality weren’t a problem, what would be the most interesting way to get around town? TERRANCE OUT

    T-Virus TerranceT-Virus TerranceHace un mes
  • So sad that the stream was made into a video and wasn't kept as a stream. I was in the middle of watching it.

    BatGingermanBatGingermanHace un mes
    • Probly stream again later

      Z0MBIEZ 420 SLAY EMZ0MBIEZ 420 SLAY EMHace un mes
  • Thank you Noahj , thank you for staying...just thank you for all the help you have given me and will give others.

    BoltarionBoltarionHace un mes
  • @Noahj!!! My man please do a reaction to insomniavirus's 1000+(thousand) outbreak run @noahj!!!

    Danny CappsDanny CappsHace un mes
  • 👍

    Fille GitanaFille GitanaHace un mes
  • Firebow tutorial coming soon...

    captaincookie Andmilkcaptaincookie AndmilkHace un mes
  • well....he's back....and Craig told us:things won't stay dead and he was right,cuz Noah is back

    Marjan HaghighatMarjan HaghighatHace un mes
    • He was gone for 2 days

      IgeeIgeeHace un mes
    • FOrtNitE

      IcedTurtle 9608IcedTurtle 9608Hace un mes
  • This game was so good when it launched I loved then it turned to shit like fortnite

    Young MarcoYoung MarcoHace un mes
  • Papa Noah is back

    Tubblescousine2Tubblescousine2Hace un mes
  • Cod God has returned to his rightful throne💯

    Matt CarneyMatt CarneyHace un mes
    • This is apex duty

      Ashley WAshley WHace un mes
  • Hey Noah I’m so happy your still making videos you have gave me joy for so many years and you have inspired me to start my own channel

    lilhawk115lilhawk115Hace un mes
  • Dude lasted 3 days

    popped and smokedpopped and smokedHace un mes

    Matthew ???????Matthew ???????Hace un mes
  • Yesssssss Noah very happy to see u back and oml I love the new intro

    Gray555 234Gray555 234Hace un mes
  • 3:15:20 When you try to make the Aether portal in Minecraft Vanilla

    BurdeeBurdeeHace un mes
  • And when they needed him the most...

    Chaotic XChaotic XHace un mes
    • @ZM6 only because he gets paid to play

      John VeermanJohn VeermanHace un mes
    • ...he returned

      ZM6ZM6Hace un mes
  • Lets go noah do not stop making your video

  • Yo dont ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever leave again,the world needs noahj456

    Noel NelsenNoel NelsenHace un mes
  • the thing i love about apex it will never be a sell out they do this every season but wont give up i have respect for that

    MiguelMiguelHace un mes
  • 3:26:33 i didnt know they had a blue and gold varient of that wraith skin

    Caleb Thomas (Mr.Piggystine)Caleb Thomas (Mr.Piggystine)Hace un mes
  • First vid back, #14 on gaming trending ayyy

    Keaton GossKeaton GossHace un mes
  • pokemon vid soon please 🙏🙏🙏😂

    LohmoellerLohmoellerHace un mes
  • So happy you are back

    Angelo PisanoAngelo PisanoHace un mes
  • Feels good to be back 😀🙂

    Jesús NúñezJesús NúñezHace un mes
  • I got my first hairloom lets go

    Vixy_shx ??Vixy_shx ??Hace un mes
    • @svgEzClapz217 huh is the same

      Vixy_shx ??Vixy_shx ??Hace un mes
    • lol “hairloom”

      svgEzClapz217svgEzClapz217Hace un mes
  • Is no one going to point out the missing spines on Majora's mask in the intro?

    Miles TroffMiles TroffHace un mes
  • I’m so glad your not quitting I had just got into your reaction videos

    izzynizzy4izzynizzy4Hace un mes
  • When we thought he was gone, he returned

    Niall FarrellNiall FarrellHace un mes
  • ;)

  • Good to have you back Noah

    Adam PartinAdam PartinHace un mes
  • We need earth Noah back

    PjGamingPjGamingHace un mes
  • I can not even play other characters

    Clay GirardClay GirardHace un mes
  • I play apex

    Clay GirardClay GirardHace un mes
  • When you play ANY game with new updates just to get money 💀

    JuniorJuniorHace un mes
    • @Junior I mean in his streams where he plays a variety of games like valorant he also play apex and othe games as well but yeah

      ZzorakHostZzorakHostHace un mes
    • @Ajhar Miah I agree I just think it’s really greedy because I know for a fact after he streamed the warzone update and apex update he will never touch those games again.

      JuniorJuniorHace un mes
    • Lol i get you but at the end of the day this is his job. I just dont get why he said he is leaving only to come back a couple days later. I knew he wasn’t leaving lol. It got him more viewers than usual because of it which is why he did it. He was never going to leave but people believe anything these days.

      Ajhar MiahAjhar MiahHace un mes
  • Where is the Siege content?

    Tmoney_bag sTmoney_bag sHace un mes
    • He hasn’t made a seige video in forever bro

      Joe BamaJoe BamaHace un mes
  • for some reason it doesnt let me play valkerie i bought her so idk why it wont let me play XD

    SeXXy AsS MadiSSaaSeXXy AsS MadiSSaaHace un mes
    • @svgEzClapz217 it’s a scam

      Easton BucheiEaston BucheiHace un mes
    • i like ur buns btw

      svgEzClapz217svgEzClapz217Hace un mes
    • ya its a glitch

      svgEzClapz217svgEzClapz217Hace un mes
    • The game is just broken rn, it won't let me play anyone but the 6 og legends

      Tommy WillyerdTommy WillyerdHace un mes
    • Bc the servers are down atm

      Flinch_SNPFlinch_SNPHace un mes
  • The legends is back

    BandxtWhoLaughsBandxtWhoLaughsHace un mes
  • for some reason it doesnt let me play valkerie i bought her so idk why it wont let me play

    Camden AckermanCamden AckermanHace un mes
  • Dont forget to take your days off still, keep your mentals right

    Daniel HugginsDaniel HugginsHace un mes
    • 💯💯

      JeremaxhJeremaxhHace un mes
  • Hi

    Jose Alexander OcampoJose Alexander OcampoHace un mes
  • I thought you left???

    CarleyCarleyHace un mes
    • As soon as I left that comment I went and watched that video 😅

      CarleyCarleyHace un mes
    • Watch his last vid..

      LiLTailormadeLiLTailormadeHace un mes